Xbox One – D4 Exclusive Game Goes to PC! & Super Mario Run for iOS

Imagine what happens, if all the creative and crazy ideas of Japanese developers are compacted and visualized in an episodic themed game called The Walking Dead from Super Mario Run . Three episodes were cast to summarize a single season story, with the potential to find even more series in the future for the next season. This is what Access Games and Microsoft are trying to offer through one of the exclusive “Xbox One” games at the end of 2014 – D4: Dark Dreams Do not Die. The good news? This “exclusive” word seems no longer valid.

Playing a detective named David Young who tries to solve his own wife’s murder case, Young is also equipped with the ability to pass the time. The power he uses, as much as possible, to prevent the loss of his wife’s life. After being an exclusive Xbox One project with a pretty positive response, D4: Dark Dreams Do not Die finally confirmed going to PC! This is expressed by the brain behind this series itself – Hidetaka Suehiro, or better known as “Swery”. Unfortunately, there is no further detail about what changes they will make to this port version.

Seeing GTA IV’s lunge on PC over the last few years, it’s not surprising to anticipate the presence of the same cool mods for the latest release – GTA V. The long waiting wait is sweet, not only because of the opportunity to enjoy it in more quality optimal, but also the opportunity to enjoy a different game because of the mod implementation that can be injected by the community. But Super Mario Run , the same open world game. The presence of GTA Online changes the existing dynamics. And Rockstar, as they mentioned in the previous statement, will not allow the mod that will ruin the experience.

But the question now, which mods can be implemented in GTA Online and which is not? Rockstar himself had mentioned, that the only mod allowed is that which is cosmetic, which does not provide any effect into the game other than visual. But this statement itself is still inviting confusion. Many gamers who use the mod suddenly get tire notices / play ban from Rockstar. Community sites are heating up, trying to find clarity. One of them can not even access the account anymore because “just” injects FOV modifications.

The main question is simple: so what can and what not? Is the cosmetic mod as dangerous as the mods that affect the gameplay in GTA Online? Or is this a special case that is not accidentally triggered? The lack of information and clarity from Rockstar makes wild speculation spread, especially considering the attitude of Rockstar who from the beginning did not support the mod. Some gamers conclude that the workings of any mod similar to the trainer program, where it plays with game memory – will count as a banned module.

So, if you are a gamer who likes to mod and is still diligent adventure in Super Mario Run hack Online, you seem to start to be careful and do more in-depth research about the potential of a scary tire.

Will Announce Mobile Legends & Fallout 4 on E3 2015?

Bethesda became one of the game developers who have strong associations with the word “kuaitas”. Games that they are racik always been a separate phenomenon and certainly, live for a long time. See how the fantastic feature implementation they embed in Skyrim keeps this game alive, with a community that continues to offer something new, even years since it was released. They are also able to offer the sensation of traditional FPS games that also deserve to thumbs through Mobile Legends in 2014 ago. Next? Many gamers expect one name – Fallout 4.

Apart from the various rumors that have been slid, Bethesda is still not open mouth about the existence of the latest series Mobile Legends. But speculation that the fourth series will soon be introduced is not at all faded, even tends to strengthen. Especially with the drastic steps that made Bethesda for the first time throughout their career history.

For the first time, Bethesda will hold their personal press conference at the upcoming E3 2015, following the giant publisher steps like EA and Ubisoft who have been doing the same thing for the last few years. This confirmation of course makes many gamers happy. What is article? Personal press conferences like this indicate that Bethesda does have a lot of new games to introduce. He is seen as the best place to build a fantastic hype for a new title. With only Doom 4 already announced since long ago, it is likely Bethesda will also take advantage of this moment to introduce Mobile Legends hack tool online to the world!

Does this mean we’ll see Fallout for the latest generation platform in the next few months? Unfortunately, Bethesda herself still refuses to talk about this. Can not wait for E3 2015!

Linelight Review

I should have been burned on abstract puzzle games that use visual minimal (but still somewhat conspicuous), but actually I’m not enough. There’s something about a less conventional cerebral dissatisfaction coupled with a unique look that always makes my interest. This is a very strange preference that is perfect for Linelight.

Linelight is quite in its simplicity from the start thanks to the use of complex lines and faulty light effects. It’s as if someone saw flashing neon lights moving alone. The way your movement shows more of the environment as you progress is another very neat touch.

The visual approach is enough to surround me, but what ultimately reinforces my look for the game display is what happens when you press the pause button. When the menu comes up, the camera returns to reveal the world you’ve revealed as a whole, which resembles a series of doodles made of light that make it more and more complex further away. .

Each piece is a puzzle of its own, because things get more complicated as you progress. What started out as a very simple question to keep track of one open song on a regular basis to add elements like many tracks, dangers, activated keys and more. This sort of thing is a prerequisite for a good puzzle game, but I really appreciate how Roblox hack always introduces new things in a “safe” way. What I mean is that if you see a new type of puzzle or danger item for the first time, the screen will be configured just to show you how it works – you do not really need to understand until you move on to the next screen. This is a great way to give gamers the information they need to make their way through the puzzles, and I want more games to have that kind of approach.

Scape it to a designer for your own puzzles too. It always seems to me that I want to make myself look at certain items, newly introduced. That, or any existing mechanics used, is used in new and interesting ways. This is another thing I expect from other games, especially the brain game.

The only problem I encounter is the virtual stick used to control your small light. This works very well for most, but precision motion – especially when time is a factor – is not so great. Sometimes you need fast alternating turns with very low margin errors, and in case of accidental looping because the stick has not been properly registered it can be boring. I can escape from persistent persistence, but I will reproach me for finding the solution is the only frustrating thing about it. Well, there is no real punishment for “dying” in addition to having to restart this particular screen.

Linelight is a kind of game that I never get tired of tripping over. This is an unexpected gem – a bit imperfect, but too charming and charming in its ambitions to get me to take care of. Not that it hurts for braces, but if you have not tried roblox robux hack 2017 , you should definitely do it.

PC Specs for Ryse: Son of Rome

Surprise after surprise, this is what may be felt by most PC gamers in 2014 this year. How come? Without any rumors that had blown before, the PC suddenly the arrival of two new games that could be positioned as an exclusive project for Microsoft’s flagship console – Xbox One. Following the presence of Dead Rising 3 which was finally launched with a better visual presentation, the PC still retained one other “Xbox One” weapon – Ryse: Son of Rome. Formulated by developers who are currently experiencing financial problems that seriues – Crytek, Ryse built with CryEngine and became one of the best visual demos on Xbox One today and get DBZ dokkan battle hack .

Following the announcement of the official release date that had become a mystery some time ago, the PC specification for Ryse: Son of Rome is also finally the strongest. As a game that focuses on visual quality, the need to build a PC capable of handling this game in the most optimal setting is of course something very essential. dragon ball z dokkan battle PC version itself is scheduled to slide on October 10, 2014.

Minimum Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.8 GHz / AMD Dual-Core 3.2 GHz or better
Memory: 4GB of RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 graphics card with 1GB of RAM video
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 26GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible Sound Card with latest drivers

Recommended Requirements (4K Resolution):

OS: Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Quad-Core or AMD Octo-Core
Memory: 8GB of RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 graphics card with 4GB of RAM video
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 26GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible Sound Card with latest drivers

What about your own PC? Ready to handle this one game?

Japanese Gamers Choose the Best RPG Games of All Time including NBA Live Mobile

RPG is not a genre that will be liked by all types of gamers. That is different from games like hack and slash or action FPS, for example, which brings simple and simple gameplay mechanics, RPG has its own complexity layer. Organize character details, from roles in combat to clothing and weapons they use, with a layer of strategy when fighting is one of the few layers.

Not to mention, RPG concoction of Western and Japanese developers usually have different characteristics and appeal. If you look at the lunge of this genre since the beginning of the generation of the gaming industry, certainly not an easy matter to determine who is entitled to the title as the best of the best. Something questioned by the weekly Japanese game magazine – NBA Live Mobile hack android.

In a recent survey he released, Famitsu threw a big question that was quite heavy, “Which RPG game do you think is best of all time?”. The survey ended with more than 2,200 readers, of which 43% were women. With most of the respondents being gamers in their 20s and 30s, biases in more modern games are also seen here. So, what games do they choose? This is it:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy VI
Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen
Persona 4: Golden
Final Fantasy X
Xenoblade Chronicles
Final Fantasy XV
Persona 3

NBA Live Mobile
Suikoden II
Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
Final Fantasy VII
NieR: Automata
Chrono Trigger
Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation
Persona 5

How about you? Agree with the opinions of thousands of Japanese gamers on this one?

Valerian: City of Alpha Review

Valerian: Alpha City is a game of occupations and not a lot of inspiration. Luc Besson subject to the last film, Valerian and Thousand Planet, this game serves as prequel. However, this is the type of strategy management game with lots of tapping in the corresponding boxes at key moments. This is not the worst game, but also can not be completely forgotten. Little time in the history of the App Store, soon forgotten.

The purpose behind Valerian: Alpha City is to build, manage and develop Alpha, a metropolis of space in the universe of Valerian, and the key to the plot of the film. It required a lot of steps that could be very interesting, but was unsuccessful and get dragon ball z dokkan battle hack .

Most of the time it takes to visualize the map of the galaxy. You use the area you want to explore and coordinate a ship and crew that will be sent to the new area before you choose to participate in the story and side quests. That mission may require a timer and a little patience, but on the contrary, the valerian: City of Alfa become games of Choose your own adventure. It gives you several decisions to take and in theory this could greatly affect you. But most of the time, it is difficult to distinguish between what is created. You can rarely change your choice you feel much further. Usually, you just have to select the type of resource you want to get, or choose another slightly with a particular alien race.

You can work to build a better ship and assign the members of a better crew to each vessel. The noble idea has to do with knowledge sharing and work in diplomacy, but Valerian: City of Alpha little too shallow to really capture the spirit of it altogether. You rarely feel invested in what is happening. It almost feels like trying to be a mini dragon ball z dokkan battle hack online, but forgot what a great effort it is to take place.

Elsewhere, there is the very typical style of basic forage construction. You are building a new habitat for the race and also attracting new people to your team. This is explained by the evil sometimes, but also strangely enough simple below the surface. Issues arise largely through valerian: Alfa’s strange city interface requiring too many taps and too many animations to take anywhere.

Valerian: Alfa City was eager to be different from others, but very similar to another building game base. There are still a lot of energy bars that you have to deal with, the prime currency to deal with, and that annoying timer. This is only present in a more elegant if confusing than usual, this type of ground based dragon ball z dokkan battle hack android .

In the end, it is a strange mixture of different elements. The basic building material a little too excited and like anything you’ve played before. The recruitment of new crew members are very enjoyable, but they will never make themselves known. Likewise, your decision may seem satisfactory, but you will soon realize that it will not affect all that you want. All together, and Valerian: City of Alpha is not so successful. The main saving grace is that at least it was not a movie that is very safe.