Xbox One – D4 Exclusive Game Goes to PC! & Super Mario Run for iOS

Imagine what happens, if all the creative and crazy ideas of Japanese developers are compacted and visualized in an episodic themed game called The Walking Dead from Super Mario Run . Three episodes were cast to summarize a single season story, with the potential to find even more series in the future for the next season. This is what Access Games and Microsoft are trying to offer through one of the exclusive “Xbox One” games at the end of 2014 – D4: Dark Dreams Do not Die. The good news? This “exclusive” word seems no longer valid.

Playing a detective named David Young who tries to solve his own wife’s murder case, Young is also equipped with the ability to pass the time. The power he uses, as much as possible, to prevent the loss of his wife’s life. After being an exclusive Xbox One project with a pretty positive response, D4: Dark Dreams Do not Die finally confirmed going to PC! This is expressed by the brain behind this series itself – Hidetaka Suehiro, or better known as “Swery”. Unfortunately, there is no further detail about what changes they will make to this port version.

Seeing GTA IV’s lunge on PC over the last few years, it’s not surprising to anticipate the presence of the same cool mods for the latest release – GTA V. The long waiting wait is sweet, not only because of the opportunity to enjoy it in more quality optimal, but also the opportunity to enjoy a different game because of the mod implementation that can be injected by the community. But Super Mario Run , the same open world game. The presence of GTA Online changes the existing dynamics. And Rockstar, as they mentioned in the previous statement, will not allow the mod that will ruin the experience.

But the question now, which mods can be implemented in GTA Online and which is not? Rockstar himself had mentioned, that the only mod allowed is that which is cosmetic, which does not provide any effect into the game other than visual. But this statement itself is still inviting confusion. Many gamers who use the mod suddenly get tire notices / play ban from Rockstar. Community sites are heating up, trying to find clarity. One of them can not even access the account anymore because “just” injects FOV modifications.

The main question is simple: so what can and what not? Is the cosmetic mod as dangerous as the mods that affect the gameplay in GTA Online? Or is this a special case that is not accidentally triggered? The lack of information and clarity from Rockstar makes wild speculation spread, especially considering the attitude of Rockstar who from the beginning did not support the mod. Some gamers conclude that the workings of any mod similar to the trainer program, where it plays with game memory – will count as a banned module.

So, if you are a gamer who likes to mod and is still diligent adventure in Super Mario Run hack Online, you seem to start to be careful and do more in-depth research about the potential of a scary tire.