Valerian: City of Alpha Review

Valerian: Alpha City is a game of occupations and not a lot of inspiration. Luc Besson subject to the last film, Valerian and Thousand Planet, this game serves as prequel. However, this is the type of strategy management game with lots of tapping in the corresponding boxes at key moments. This is not the worst game, but also can not be completely forgotten. Little time in the history of the App Store, soon forgotten.

The purpose behind Valerian: Alpha City is to build, manage and develop Alpha, a metropolis of space in the universe of Valerian, and the key to the plot of the film. It required a lot of steps that could be very interesting, but was unsuccessful and get dragon ball z dokkan battle hack .

Most of the time it takes to visualize the map of the galaxy. You use the area you want to explore and coordinate a ship and crew that will be sent to the new area before you choose to participate in the story and side quests. That mission may require a timer and a little patience, but on the contrary, the valerian: City of Alfa become games of Choose your own adventure. It gives you several decisions to take and in theory this could greatly affect you. But most of the time, it is difficult to distinguish between what is created. You can rarely change your choice you feel much further. Usually, you just have to select the type of resource you want to get, or choose another slightly with a particular alien race.

You can work to build a better ship and assign the members of a better crew to each vessel. The noble idea has to do with knowledge sharing and work in diplomacy, but Valerian: City of Alpha little too shallow to really capture the spirit of it altogether. You rarely feel invested in what is happening. It almost feels like trying to be a mini dragon ball z dokkan battle hack online, but forgot what a great effort it is to take place.

Elsewhere, there is the very typical style of basic forage construction. You are building a new habitat for the race and also attracting new people to your team. This is explained by the evil sometimes, but also strangely enough simple below the surface. Issues arise largely through valerian: Alfa’s strange city interface requiring too many taps and too many animations to take anywhere.

Valerian: Alfa City was eager to be different from others, but very similar to another building game base. There are still a lot of energy bars that you have to deal with, the prime currency to deal with, and that annoying timer. This is only present in a more elegant if confusing than usual, this type of ground based dragon ball z dokkan battle hack android .

In the end, it is a strange mixture of different elements. The basic building material a little too excited and like anything you’ve played before. The recruitment of new crew members are very enjoyable, but they will never make themselves known. Likewise, your decision may seem satisfactory, but you will soon realize that it will not affect all that you want. All together, and Valerian: City of Alpha is not so successful. The main saving grace is that at least it was not a movie that is very safe.

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